The 4th Room was created from a private party location near Augsburg.
The Augsburg base was later expanded to include contacts from the Bodensee region and Cologne.

The 4th Room was founded by DJ Frank Weiss and Ba Boon. The location got this name due to various moves, in which there was a separate room for it each time. The last 4th move resulted in THE 4TH ROOM, which is located in Bavaria. DJ Hifonic (together with Frank Weiss: formerly known under the name "The Mad Brothers" today under the pseudonym Zeit Tunnel Projekt), had the idea to found an internet radio and a Facebook page, where everyone with a soft spot for electronic music , can participate.

Our team consists of DJs and lovers of electronic music:

DJ Hifonic (Project management / engineering)
DJ Frank Weiss (Project management / DJ support)4th Room
Ba Boon (Project / PR / marketing organization)
Scrofa Scrofa (Project Management / Organization)

With our Internet Radio Stream we want to create something of our own, emphasize the complexity of electronic music with different styles and give a piece of it to other people.

It is important to us to be innovative, the generation following us
to inspire what is “cult” for us, but also to sustain something for the “old hands” among us. In addition, we want to clearly differentiate ourselves from commerce and mass. We love music, our friends and our family, which has built up here.

We have a wide range of styles. Among others You can expect Minimal, Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, Progressive, Techno, and now and then a "treat", namely the good old Techno Classix.

The “spirit” inherent in this type of music should be passed on to everyone who wants to be enchanted, to all who have forgotten that the spirit has always existed but has forgotten to “listen”. To everyone who wants to be inspired and to everyone who, like us, has love for music in their hearts. We have been partying since the very beginning and techno has changed all our lives.

Music expresses what cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent about. (Victor Hugo)

You can broadcast yourself as a DJ LIVE and for free. We look forward to everyone who supports our "project", listen to us, share their opinions with us through praise or criticism, or recommend us. Feel free to write requests and suggestions for specials, parties indoors and outdoors in our forum or write to the team members. We will do our best to answer, implement, or comment on them.

If you want, you can also exchange banners with us.
We advertise for our DJ's and our DJ's advertise for us. The same applies to clubs, bars or locations that can identify with us.

You can find information about our live shows in our news ticker on the homepage, or as a pre-announcement on Facebook.

Groove ist the key!

Your 4th Room Team

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